Fishing Report

Harveston Lake is a catch and release only fishing lake. It was originally stocked with Bluegill, Bass, Catfish and Carp. Share your fishing tips and techniques for catching and releasing your favorite species. Post your pics of the ones that did not get away. Hook Up!

  • Big cat before 4th of July
    Posted on: 2015-07-03
    Caught this cat on a live sunfish close to water park with my daughter!
  • Largemouth
    Posted on: 2015-03-22
    Caught this one near the stage throwing a Swimbait. Released it right after I took this picture
  • Nice Catch!
    Posted on: 2014-12-29
    Caught a Bass by the Boathouse this morning.
  • Fishing Report
    Posted on: 2014-11-19
    The largemouth bass action has been fair with some flurries of good action on fish busting baitfish. Crankbaits with some topwater lures have been the ticket. The fish are in 30 to 35 feet of water later in the day and showing on plastics. Catfish remain good but getting light pressure. Stink baits, cut baits, and nightcrawlers fishing at the dams and deep in the coves have been good. Quality cats topping six pounds showing most weekends. The bluegill, redear, and crappie bites are still fair with the dams
  • Huge Catfish
    Posted on: 2014-10-03
    Caught this big boy in front of the playground on a piece of beef jerky.Good fight.
  • Personal Boats
    Posted on: 2014-07-28
    No personal boats are allowed on the lake. only the authorized pedal boats that you can rent at the boat house.
  • My first Cat
    Posted on: 2014-07-27
    Just moved to the area and invited family out to visit spent the day catching blue gill and suddenly got a good hook on this bad boy with a size 14 mosquito hook using my pocket fishing rod on July 26 2014
  • big bass
    Posted on: 2014-07-27
    I caught this nice size large mouth bass around 7 o'clock pm. It weighted 6lbs . and I caught him on a size 16 treble hook, he was feeding on bluegill
  • Harveston Bass
    Posted on: 2014-07-03
    Caught this nice bass at Harveston on 6/22/2014. Put up a great fight.
  • Anyone else ever hooked this albino cat
    Posted on: 2014-06-18
    Got this albino cat 3 different time in the same spot. first time he snapped my line trying to get him over the edge of the pond so I brought a net next time just incase and sure enough I got him again weighed in alittle over 10 lbs
  • Learning to Fish
    Posted on: 2014-06-02
    Picture of my grandaughters learning to fish at the Lake. They had a lot of fun!
  • Cat fish
    Posted on: 2014-05-28
    Caught this 3 pound catfish over by the dock on a night crawler. Put up a real good fight!!
  • Father Son Time
    Posted on: 2014-04-04
    Sunday night 3/30/2014, around 6:30 pm.
  • Bad boy felt like a 15 pounder
    Posted on: 2014-03-22
    My largest bass yet
  • Fishing in Baayen Cove
    Posted on: 2014-03-09
    A great day at Harveston Lake!
  • pregnant large mouth bass ready to pop
    Posted on: 2014-02-25
    Caught her on a night crawler trolling the shore. She was covered in hooks so I cleaned her up and put her back to lay those eggs in her belly. She weighed over 5lbs
  • 10 lb catfish
    Posted on: 2014-01-26
  • Nice Bass
    Posted on: 2013-12-23
    Caught a 3 pound bass today, she hit about 5 feet from shore so keep slow rolling to the edge because bass trail the bait for a bit. She was released right after the picture to make us some more baby's. Have fun fishing .
  • Fish Caught in Harveston Lake 12/22/13
    Posted on: 2013-12-23
    Put up a good fight caught today around 10 a.m. caught two today
  • huge bass
    Posted on: 2013-12-22
    He put up a good fight so far the biggest bass I've caught took a few pictures and watched it swim away slow .. very happy
  • Holy Bass
    Posted on: 2013-07-26
    I caught this beauty last night I was using salmon eggs as bait and this guy was trying to feed on the little fish that wanted my bait but he caught my hook instead after we snapped the pick he was accidentally dropped thankfully he was still alive and I released him.
  • Need Help
    Posted on: 2013-07-18
    I've been fishing this lake for about a week now and have had no luck. I've been using a bobber and a hotdog but as soon as i cast, these little fish swarm my bait and it is gone in a flash. These fish seem to be over populating the lake. Ive also using some plastic worms, jigs, poppers, and spinner bait but have had no luck with that either. Ive tried many different spots too and none of them have worked out. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • Cichlid Fish
    Posted on: 2013-06-16
    Today I and my wife caught a new fish specie in Harveston Lake Temecula California using chicken bait . There is not much information about this fish out there. After a long internet search I found out this fish is called Cichlid a close cousins to Peacock Bass in the family of Cichlidae. This fish is a common specie native to Singapore. 06–13–2013 Noor
  • Great catch, sad sight
    Posted on: 2013-05-18
    I took my two youngest fishing today and while they caught bluegills dad caught a 6.5 pound bass. That was the great catch, the sad sight was a family fishing to my right had a 5 pound bass on a stringer and began showing it off to some kids. I walked over and told them the lake is C&R only and that they spray the lake with chemicals so keeping and cooking any fish is not a good idea. They did take the fish off the stringer but i am pretty sure the fish was already dead or very close to it. After we left we saw some kids at the north end fountain had caught a 2-3 pound bass and were throwing it around on the end of a stick. These were two very nice bass that should have been allowed to grow and kept alive for the enjoyment of future anglers. Please post sign clearly that state the lake is CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY. With the huge amount of bluegills eating bass eggs and baby bass and the killing of adult bass we could easily loose these fish from the lake. I hope this doesnt happen as my kids enjoy catching these great fish.
  • 3/16/0/13 big bass
    Posted on: 2013-03-16
    6.2 pound bass caught mid afternoon, only bass of the day but a great one. Used a circle hook for easy lip removal and bass was released right after this picture was taken and swam away swiftly. Always practice good catch and release methods, so we can continue to enjoy the lake.
  • 2 1/4 foot cat
    Posted on: 2013-03-11
    This guy put up one hell of a fight! I thought he was going to be twice as big when I got him close. Used a circle hook so removal was easy, corner of the mouth, and released him after picture was taken. Thank you to the mom that helped me by grabbing my net for me andtaking this picture.
  • FatCat 2-26-13
    Posted on: 2013-02-26
    First big cat I've caught here in months, water temp is going up and they are starting to move around the lake. This guy had a FAT belly, they are feeding. Used a circle hook for easy catch and release, and it was on my 7 foot baitcasting rod.
  • Catch and Release
    Posted on: 2013-02-06
    Wow, I had no idea that Harveston was a catch and release lake (granted, I only just learned that you can actually fish at the lake about a week ago). There probably should be visible signage around the lake that states the catch and release policy... Otherwise some people may not know. Or, worse, some people may ignore it and then feign ignorance when they are eventually caught. Glad that I came here to find more information about the fishing, or I may have been one of the people fishing there not knowing I couldn't take them home!
  • Big cats
    Posted on: 2013-01-14
    Bite has slowed down as water temps have dropped for both bass/ cats here. One of the cats I caught in late October. 17.0 on the scale. Caught another 15.5 the following night. Catch an RELEASE everyone!
  • 12/8 early morning
    Posted on: 2012-12-08
    Caught this guy early morning, around 8am. This cat gave a great fight, I had to adjust the drag on my baitcaster twice. We used a circle hook and chicken liver to catch this guy, which made the hook removal a snap, and helped keep him healthy. He was released right after picture was taken.
  • 9 lbs. Bass
    Posted on: 2012-11-22
    Thankful for our awesome lake! Caught on 11.21.12
  • 3 lbs. Bass
    Posted on: 2012-11-22
    Dad out did me today but still caught a good one!
  • Only catch of the day
    Posted on: 2012-11-10
    But it was a big bass! I'm pretty sure we got one more, but it came off the hook while bringing it in. Fish was released right after picture.
  • 11/9 afternoon catfish
    Posted on: 2012-11-09
    Stopped by the lake for a few hours this afternoon, ended up bringing in 3 big cats. These were caught at the north end by the fountain. The people next to me also caught one. Great way to spend a few hours. All fish were released.
  • 11/4 my sons cat
    Posted on: 2012-11-05
    My son brought in two catfish, both within a few minutes of each other. This one was the larger of the two. As you can tell from his smile, he was very excited. Both cats were released after pictures were taken.
  • same night, catfish
    Posted on: 2012-11-03
    Caught on the same evening as the bass, this catfish measured 24 inches exactly, was fun to bring in, and released after pictures. Grow big and strong catfish, hopefully we will meet again.
  • really big blue gill!!
    Posted on: 2012-10-30
    I was catfishing and the guy I was fishing with casted pritty far out and hooked this monster blue gill! Off of a big hook and hot dog!!
  • 7 pound cat!!
    Posted on: 2012-10-29
    Caught a 7 pound catfish!! On hot dog no weight! This is my 4th big catfish I have ever caught and it faught the hardest out of all of them even my 11 pounder!
  • 12 lb. Catfish
    Posted on: 2012-10-24
    Max caught a 12 lb catfish on September 29th. His biggest one yet. We love Harveston Lake!
  • My brothers first catfish!!!
    Posted on: 2012-10-21
    Caught him using hot dog! 12 pounds!
  • Big Catfish
    Posted on: 2012-10-08
    Last saturday I caught a 11 pound catfish about 4 feet long by kids playground. I used hot dog no weight. Small treble hook.
  • small bass
    Posted on: 2012-09-30
    Caught this little guy using a crankbait by the kids playground. He was released immediately after, so he can continue to grow and to catch another day.
  • Catfish on a lure
    Posted on: 2012-09-23
    Nice size cat, gave a good fight, just under 3 feet long, caught by kids playground.
  • monster blue gill
    Posted on: 2012-09-22
    Recently caught a 1lb and 2oz blue gill with my buddy's.
  • Morning bass
    Posted on: 2012-09-22
    Caught this guy by the kids playground using a silver and blue kastmaster. Released right away, for someone else to enjoy another day.
  • Missing Goose Comment
    Posted on: 2012-09-03
    I am 10 years old and I live in Harveston. My father and I are aquainted with George from our morning walks and know his story. Early in the morning he is grumpy and chases us but as you know later in the day he is very sweet. We miss him too. George belonged to a family that moved away and set him free because they could not take him. When a neighbor of theirs (who already owns two geese) saw George she wanted to take him home but wanted to wait until the park was less crowded (the information above was shared with me by the neighbor). I have three guesses as to what happened to famous George: 1) Someone could have taken George as a pet or sadly for food (just like the people who took lots of duck eggs this year) or 2) A flock of Canadian Geese has been at the lake once in a while and they could have frightened George off or worse, killed him (they are aggressive and territorial) or 3) The neighbor took George home after the park got quiet and he is happy with two new friends. I sure hope it is #3.
  • Missing Goose at Harveston Lake
    Posted on: 2012-08-29
    One day, while walking around Harveston pond with my husband we came back to find a beautiful white chinese goose nestled quite comfortably on our blanket. We reclaimed our blanket, but the goose was adamant that we share it with him, so we did. He spent the afternoon with us, and many subsequent afternoons as well. We became well acquainted, and soon named him 'Carl'. Carl proved himself to be an extremely affectionate and intelligent animal, and was always glad to see us. We spent many happy afternoons sharing our blanket with him. He loved being cuddled, and running his beak through my hair. Then one day, when we got to the park, Carl was not there. We asked around, it turns out that most people knew Carl, but no one knew what happened to him. Carl had become something of a celebrity in the park, and we miss him very much. If anyone knows his whereabouts, please, please let us know.
  • Big O' Catfish
    Posted on: 2012-08-19
    Been lovin the warm weather with all these big cats including this one that came in around 15 pounds.
  • Nesting Birds
    Posted on: 2012-08-08
    Mallards and other nesting wading bird nest. I would like to remind people that most of the birds at Harveston Lake (including Coots) are protected by the Federal Bird and Migration Act 1918. It is illegal to disturb, collect, harass, kill or possess a bird or bird parts including nesting material or eggs of birds on this list. I have spoken to 4 women who routinely collect eggs in the morning and evening informing them of the law and the fines related to their collection to no avail. If you have noticed our hatchling population is down this year it's because we have people stealing our duck eggs. If you see this occurring please contact the city or park rangers to complain. The fines are pretty hefty for violations. Lets keep Harveston Lake a place where our wildlife will be safe and we can enjoy watching the hatchlings grow up.
  • Bryce's Cat
    Posted on: 2012-07-09
    Caught on dough bait.
  • blue gill madness
    Posted on: 2012-07-02
    Decided to spend a few afternoon hours fishing, my son and I caught probably 20 blue gills in like 2 and a half hours. We were on the north end of the lake, using small bits of Bacon. All fish were released for future fun!
  • friday morning catch
    Posted on: 2012-06-30
    Fished this little guy out using hotdog in the northern end of the lake. Released him back into the lake to enjoy catching him again some other time.
  • Just a bit of info
    Posted on: 2012-06-25
    Catch and release is strongly encouraged by all anglers in all lakes Especially community lakes such as Harveston. The fish at harveston live in a maintained aquatic lake that is chemically treated to manage the cleanliness of the lake and to keep bacteria and algae counts low. Eating a fish from this lake could make you very ill, and its against policy due to the 'catch and release' program the lake has structured for all anglers.

    A tip of advice on Bass and blue gill. These fish can not survive as well in a lake that is full of carp and catfish. Catfish do less damage to the lake, but can survive on lower oxygen levels. A muddy lake can be dangerous to the survival of any bass or Sunfish species because they need more oxygen to survive. Catch and release of Bass and sunfish are highly encouraged. Bass naturally prey on the sunfish family as well, so keep in mind when taking a bluegill you arent removing one fish, but ultimatly taking food away from and might be starving out another species. Carp are an easy way to keep bugs and insects to a low count in the lake, but carp are a very invasive species and really serve the lake no good to the survival of bass oor sunfish (bluegill) Carp can survive on little to almost no oxigin in the water and in the muiddiest conditions. Keeping the bass and Sunfish species counts in the lake larger than the carp counts is a very important thing to remember to protect the ecostructure of all these creature and to keep this fun past time available for future years to come.
    Please practice catch and release, and please report violations to lake management and city management. You can also look up CALTIP on the department of fish and game page for california. Enough calls to cal tip will bring a warden out or they will notify a local ranger. Poatching and Illegal take of any species is prohibited and should be met up with concenquence for anyone who breaks the rules. And lastly, remember to keep clean and pick up trash. These are just some very common sense things to remember while fishing. Especially for all you anglers who have a knack for fishing like I do.
  • Catch and Release
    Posted on: 2012-05-24
    I witnessed a large family fishing the last two night and not following our catch and release ordinance. I called the city for Park Ranger assistance and was informed that the rangers have been checking for the past two weeks. They are aware people are not honoring catch and release. I saw this family catching a large number of blue gill and putting them in an ice chest then leaving. If we all call the city and demand rangers come out and check more often, we may not have some many problems at the lake. Not sure why people would want to eat the fish from this lake anyhow with reclaimed water....I don't feel bad for the adults who get sick but am concerned for the children who may fall ill after eating the fish.
  • Catfish
    Posted on: 2012-05-23
    Caught 5/22/12
  • **Bass Attack**
    Posted on: 2012-05-03
    Jeff had a great day bass'n at Harveston Lake using crankbaits and soft plastics...Great job! Check out the other 2 slabs he brought in. Good news is that he practices CATCH & RELEASE so all can enjoy another day. Thanks for taking good care of our wonderful lake!
  • **Bass Attack**
    Posted on: 2012-05-03
    Here is fish #2...another nice one!
  • **Bass Attack**
    Posted on: 2012-05-03
    Here is fish #3...she looks like she's ready to spawn...we need to release these fish so our lake can continue to thrive and grow into the great fishery that we all can enjoy. Thanks Jeff for practicing catch and release for all to enjoy another day!
  • Fishing Line
    Posted on: 2012-04-09
    Please, please fishermen and women pick up your fishing line! With warmer weather there are more people here fishing and lots of discarded line is left on the grass, shoreline and water. Not to mention hooks, bait (including hot dogs) lures and trash. I am picking up line twice a day now. This park has more trash cans than any park I've ever seen. The line I pick up is sometimes just 2 ft. from a trash can. Our wildlife is worth the effort. I would like to enlist the help of responsible fishermen to encourage others to pick up. We really need better signs or kiosks. We are so lucky to have so many species of ducks here....let's keep it 'GREEN and CLEAN!' I have documented 23 different species of ducks alone. Below is a male Northern Shoveler.
  • bluegill
    Posted on: 2012-03-28
    Big bluegill
  • Where are all the bass?
    Posted on: 2012-03-28
    I am very concerned about the largemouth bass population. My analysis is there must be catch and release signs put around the lake. It is not fair that citizens take the fish home. The city does not restock fish. We bought into this community due in large part of the fishing attraction. It has been quite a disappointment.
  • caught 60 blue gills in the same spot in about 3 hours
    Posted on: 2012-03-17
    we were using pieces of hot dog and string cheese we were at the gazebo next to the playground we only casted about 4 feet and hooked them in about 15seconds or less
  • Tia Jenny's Big Catfish
    Posted on: 2012-02-06
    My Mom and Tia Jenny came to visit us superbowl weekend and wanted to fish at the lake. Tia Jenny lives in Costa Rica and has never fished out here. This was her first time fishing at Harveston Lake. We were set up to catch bluegill, and she was doing really well. After she reeled up a few bluegills, she cast out and WHAM...this 14lb 14oz hit. It took about 20 minutes to bring in the big cat. She was using one of my trout rods spooled with 4 pound test line. She did a great job. Nice fish Tia...hugs & kisses, Eddie
  • Big Cat
    Posted on: 2011-11-24
    Caught it on 11-21-11
  • Big Catch
    Posted on: 2011-11-04
    Fought this catfish for 30 min with 4 pound test.
  • Nice Bass
    Posted on: 2011-10-28
    Caught this bass on hot dog strips.
  • Ed's Biggest Cat
    Posted on: 2011-10-26
    This is definitely the biggest cat I’ve ever caught here. She weighed in at 16lbs 14ozs. Caught using hotdog and 4lb test line with trout rod. I released her for someone else to enjoy. Cheers, Ed
  • Jeff's 1st fish caught in Harveston Lake
    Posted on: 2011-10-26
    Jeff’s 1st time catfishing at the lake and he did great. Reeled in this 7lb 12oz using the same set up as Ed. I think he’ll be out at the lake again soon. Released for all to enjoy….Nice Job!
  • Jimmy Sr. 7 lb Catfish
    Posted on: 2011-10-26
    Jimmy Sr. who was somewhat skeptical about the big fish in Harveston finally got proof. He landed this 7 lb fish . He was very happy...check out the smile...great job! Fish released safely.
  • Night Fishing
    Posted on: 2011-10-24
    Fought this 13 pounder for 20 min.
  • Catfish
    Posted on: 2011-10-19
    caught this big boy on 4 pound test.
  • Paula' Catfish
    Posted on: 2011-09-27
    Paula was just walking around the lake and stopped to say hello. I handed her my fishing rod and the pics tells the rest of the story. It was 7lbs 11oz...nice fish girl!
    Caught 9/19/2011
  • Jimmy's 9 lb 12 oz. Catfish
    Posted on: 2011-09-27
    Jimmy reeled in the biggest of the night at 9lbs 12 oz. He had his hands full with this big catfish, it took him about 25 minutes to reel this bad boy in. Awesome!
    Caught 9/23/2011
  • Brandon's Big Cat
    Posted on: 2011-09-27
    Brandon finally got his big catfish. It weighed in just over 9lbs. He fought this fish for almost 30 minutes. Nice Job! All of these fish were caught last week on hotdogs using 4 pound test line. Caught 9/23/2011
  • 16lb 13oz CATFISH...WOW!
    Posted on: 2011-09-26
    Hooked this 16lb 13oz catfish last week on S-Bar hotdogs. That night ended up pretty being really good...also reeled in 3 other cats ranging from 10lb 4oz, 14lb 2oz and 14lb 4oz. I will post the other pics...they were all weighed and safely released to be injoyed by all.
  • 13 pound catfish!
    Posted on: 2011-09-18
    Caught at 11pm, September 17th, 2011. Put up a good fight. Released back to get bigger!
  • huge albino
    Posted on: 2011-08-19
    caught this guy on hot dog end piece with an ultra light rod. this fish put up a 20 minute fight. 7/31/11
  • big channel cat
    Posted on: 2011-08-19
    nearly pulled my rod in the water. put up a 30 minute fight.. hot dog end piece. north east end of the lake. 8/14/11
  • Respecting the Environment
    Posted on: 2011-08-16
    I know many of you enjoy fishing at our wonderful Harveston Lake but please remember to be responsible and thoughtful of the wildlife here. Every morning I pick up fishing line with hooks, bait, etc. There have been many calls to Animal Control to help ducks caught in fishing line. One of our beautiful Commorants died this winter because it was tangled in fishing line and could not be captured. It only takes a few seconds to pick up your discarded line. There are more trash cans in the park than any I've thoughtful of all living creatures at this lake.
  • Another 11 LB. Kitty on the hot dog
    Posted on: 2011-07-25
    Fish caught at 8:40 p.m. on 7/24/2011 on Bar S Ranch hot dog end, #10 barbless treble hook, sooked for 15 minutes and fish on.
  • Another 11 LB. Kitty on the hot dog
    Posted on: 2011-07-25
    Fish caught at 8:40 p.m. on 7/24/2011 on Bar S Ranch hot dog end, #10 barbless treble hook, sooked for 15 minutes and fish on.
  • Nice Catf
    Posted on: 2011-06-30
    I caught this cat at about 7:00 PM. The fight lasted for about 15 minutes until my friend finally netted it. Biggest fish of the night and my biggest ever. Good luck.
  • Catch and release
    Posted on: 2011-06-29
    I live in Harveston and live by catch and releasing the fish so others can enjoy. Why aren't their signs posted for the outsiders who keep our fish when they catch them. It says on our website we are catch and release but many don't seem to realize that!!!
  • 13.2 Lbs on the scale
    Posted on: 2011-05-01
    Another one on white bread! Thanks for the tip.
  • Small One
    Posted on: 2011-04-24
    Caught this one on white bread
  • Still Got It
    Posted on: 2011-02-06
    Caught this guy early in the morning.
  • Huge 20 lb Catfish
    Posted on: 2010-12-03
    Amber hooked and landed this Huge 20 lb Catfish. She caught it using 6 lb line on an ultra light trout rod. The fight lasted 15 minutes until this big beauty finally gave in. Great Job! She release it for someone else to enjoy.
    Posted on: 2010-09-15
    I watched a few days before as Tristian hooked one of these big cats only to have it win the battle and break him off last week. A few days later he tried his luck again and was able to settle the score by landing this big cat. Didn't have a scale, but it was around 8 lbs +...great job! Congrats...we'll see you at the lake!
  • 2nd Fish He's Ever Caught...12lb Catfish!!!
    Posted on: 2010-09-04
    Mike is holding the second fish in this picture...he also netted this one for Richie. Nice you think they're hooked? Congrats guys...we'll see you all at the lake sometime soon I'm sure.
  • 15lb Catfish...My Biggest Cat So Far!
    Posted on: 2010-09-04
    This bite for large cats was definitely on tonight. I had my hands full with this big boy. It took me about 10+ minutes fighting this giant on 6lb cajon red line...It was worth the wait. I had one break me off last week on 4lb test that I fought for 15 minutes and never saw the fish so I decided to up my line...glad I did. Oh, and Mike netted this one for me as well. What a thrill...see you all at the lake. Ed
  • 1st Fish He's Ever Caught...12lb Catfish!!!
    Posted on: 2010-09-03
    Richie hooked this bad boy and fought it for about ten minutes before his friend Mike was able to net it for him. Not too long after he managed to bag another one about the same size...great night of fishing. Nice job Richie! Check out his picture of the other one on the next link.
    Posted on: 2010-08-22
    Realed this one in with a 8lbs test line. It took a good 5 minutes to land this guy. Released him for some one else to catch. :)
  • Last on for the night...8-20-10
    Posted on: 2010-08-21
    Smallest on but still made it a great evening of fishing.
  • 1 of 4 Nice Catfish 8-20-10
    Posted on: 2010-08-20
    A very good night of fishing...luck was definitely on my side.
  • This was the second one...biggest of the bunch 8-20-10
    Posted on: 2010-08-20
    It took awhile to bring this big guy in...4lb test.
  • Third Cat of the night...8-20-10
    Posted on: 2010-08-20
    Another nice one!
  • 5+ POUND CAT
    Posted on: 2010-08-13
    Although it was a little bit slow this night Kenny managed to salvage the evening by landing this beauty...He also released this very nice fish for someone else to enjoy another day...very nice fish Kenny...Congrats!
  • big cat
    Posted on: 2010-08-08
    this was a great catch tonight. fought for at least 10 minutes. i was really happy especially as how last night i had my pole dragged into the lake, i'm assuming by another cat... so if you find a rod and reel.. its probably hooked onto a huge cat.
  • Big Catfish Caught On His Birthday!
    Posted on: 2010-08-02
    Well done Mike...He only started fishing a couple of weeks ago and reeled in a 3-4 pounder his first time out. Unfortunately I forgot my camera that day...but today he landed this big cat on his birthday. Great think he's got the fishing fever? Oh's the proof. He released both fish for all to enjoy another day.
  • A Very Big Cat!!!
    Posted on: 2010-07-24
    First time out fishing for cat this year. Usually the 1-3lb fish will keep you on your toes, but this night I didn't even have a nibble...until this big boy sent my ultralight trout rod spooled with 4lb test singing across the lake. After several long runs I was finally able to land it...what a rush! Sent him back home for someone else to enjoy. My biggest cat ever out of this lake. I did not have a scale, but it was well over 10+ pounds...definitely worth the wait. Hey Don & Jay...sorry you missed the fun.
  • 8 lbs cat fish
    Posted on: 2010-07-11
    Cought at 6 in the morning
  • Big Fish
    Posted on: 2010-06-28
    Now that's a 10.2 lbs Catfish
  • Brandons 7 pound Bass
    Posted on: 2010-04-26
    My biggist Bass caught April 4-26
  • BIG bass
    Posted on: 2010-04-15
    caught on April 6 2010
    Posted on: 2010-04-14
    Gabe Salazar landed this BIG largemouth bass on a crankbait. Released for someone else to enjoy...a true sportsman! Congrats Gabe!
  • My Cat...Finally
    Posted on: 2010-04-01
    I finally got my cat. I fished at the lake for four hours one morning, two hours the next night, and finally got my cat after fishing for an hour and a half last night. I was using a slice of hotdog. The fish was about 3 pounds and 18 1/2 inches long. The fight only took about a minute and a half. Happy Fishing!!!
  • 10++ Pound catfish
    Posted on: 2010-03-14
    3-13-2010. Caught some nice cats tonight. This was my personal best for Harveston.
    Good Luck.
    Always C+R
  • Bass Attack
    Posted on: 2010-02-13
    Got this guy at the marina today. 2-13-10
  • Catfish
    Posted on: 2009-11-06
    Caught this one about 3 weeks ago
  • Catfish
    Posted on: 2009-11-06
    my buddy caught this one the other night.
    its decent size.
  • Jay's Big Cat
    Posted on: 2009-10-14
    Caught & released for all to enjoy. Nice fish!!! This one was caught a couple of weeks ago...I just didn't get around to posting it until now...Sorry! Good luck and tight lines to all you avid fishermen. See ya at the lake!
  • Ed's Biggest Catfish from Harveston Lake
    Posted on: 2009-10-14
    Even though the weather has been much cooler and the fishing has been slow and go, this big boy decided to take some home made bait....It was well worth the wait! Caught & released for others to enjoy! Didn't have a scale to weigh it....bummer!
  • Shelby Lands 7lb Catfish...VERY NICE!!
    Posted on: 2009-09-01
    Shelby Barbour caught her 1st catfish at Harveston Lake and it was a beauty. She fought this big fish for about 5 minutes, while her boyfriend Zach patiently wait and netted the fat boy for her. It barely fit into his net. Congrats to our 1st female angler posting on the website...great job Shelby!!
  • Alyysa's big Bluegill
    Posted on: 2009-09-01
    Alyssa catches this decent sized bluegill using just bread and the smallest hook we could find. After what seemed like forever (to her) she finally reeled it in.
  • Rachel's 1st
    Posted on: 2009-09-01
    Rachel catches her 1st fish ever!
  • The one that got away
    Posted on: 2009-09-01
    My 4yo daughter, fishing for small bass and bluegill with her purple dino fishing pole, caught this monster bass. Didn't get a good picture out of the water because as soon as I pulled it up, it wiggled itself to freedom.
    Posted on: 2009-07-29
    Ed Odin landed this rare and beautiful albino catfish with help from the local security guard 'Ray' who followed him along the shoreline with a net for over 10 minutes until the big cat gave up. This fish pulled and stretched Ed's 4 lb test to the limit and was assumed to be a huge carp when it headed towards the shoreline, but once he got an upclose look, he was pleasantly surprised to have netted his first ever albino catfish. Wow...what a rush!!! Hey Jay, Rick, and Don...wish you guys had been there...the fish hit so hard it almost owned a new rod & reel combo...just barely caught the fishing rod as it was pulling out of the rod
    Posted on: 2009-07-13
    After trying one of Jay's homemade catfish baits with no success, Rick decided to try Big Wave Ed's Homemade formula and landed this nice size catfish. Great job Rick!
  • Zach's 10lb FAT CAT!
    Posted on: 2009-07-11
    Nice Fish!
  • IT'S ON!!! 10 lb Catfish
    Posted on: 2009-07-11
    Not to be outfished by his buddy Chris, Zach Hazell landed this monster catfish on 6lb test. However, Chris did scoop it up on the 1st try...nice job guys! The competition is ON!
  • 5.2 Lbs
    Posted on: 2009-07-09
    Nightcrawlers with cheese dip.
  • 6.5LB Monster
    Posted on: 2009-07-09
    8LB spinninig setup; fish weighed with digital scale.
  • Another pic of Chris's Big Cat!
    Posted on: 2009-07-09
    9 lb Catfish!
  • 9 lb Monster Catfish
    Posted on: 2009-07-09
    Chris Boman caught this giant catfish on 6 lb. test. He said after the 5 minute battle that his reel had problems with the drag. I watched as his friends tried to scoop up the huge cat with a trout net. After a couple of misses, they finally landed this beauty. Awesome catch!!
  • 6.5LB Monster
    Posted on: 2009-07-07
    8Lb Test spinning setup. Weighed with digital scale.
  • Fishing with the Family
    Posted on: 2009-05-31
    Hoping to catch a big fish.
  • Catching Big Catfish in Harveston Lake
    Posted on: 2009-05-31
    8 lb catfish on a 4 lb test line.
    Released for all to enjoy.
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